Fix YouTube Vanced “The Following Content is Not Available On This App” Error

Many YouTube Vanced users encountered with the issue “The following content is not available on this app, please watch it on the latest version of YouTube”. In order to solve this problem, you may search for a lot of tutorials on the Internet, and at the same time uninstall&reinstall the app or update the software system back and forth. However, none of these solutions seem to work.


The most obvious reason is that YouTube Vanced has been discontinued for some time. The developers of the app received legal threats from Google last year, which led to its final discontinuation. Actually, YouTube has gone through a few major software updates, but YouTube Vanced couldn't keep up with the technical changes. So no matter how you follow online tutorials to troubleshoot network issues or uninstall&reinstall the app, it won't solve the problem.

How to fix Issue“The Following Content is Not Available On This App”

The fastest way to continue using similar features is to find a better alternative, such as Vanced Official. Vanced Official is another classic YT ad-blocker that's been more stable than Youtube Vanced.

Features of Vanced Official:

Absolute Free

Block YT video Ads

Play video in background


User friendly interface

No need to download MicroG


Simple Steps to Install App:

1. Enter into page or click the following download button:

Vanced Official
Latest Version

2. When downloading the apk file, there might be a pop-up alert to show the file is harmful. Don’t worry, it is trusted by main antivirus software such as McAfee, Avira, Avast and so on, so choose “download anyway”. Then you need to agree to install the app from unknown sources—> go to settings—> select security —> turn on unknown sources.


3. Finally, open the app and enjoy it!